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  Old English<sup>®</sup> Furniture Polish

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OLD ENGLISH® Scratch Cover is specially formulated to cover scratches and nicks in your wood to help restore its natural look and shine. For additional solutions click on the "Find Another Solution" button below. Or click on the "Show All Products" button for a complete list of OLD ENGLISH® solutions.
  Office Cover Scratches and knicks
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  Old English<sup>®</sup> Scratch Cover
Old English<sup>®</sup> Scratch Cover
Wood scratch repair is made easy with OLD ENGLISH® Scratch Cover. The polish hides unsightly nicks and scratches - restoring the look of your wood furniture and bringing out wood's natural beauty.

It is available in two colors to seamlessly match the color of your wood. For dark woods like mahogany and cherry use OLD ENGLISH® Scratch Cover for Dark Woods. For medium to light woods like pine and oak use OLD ENGLISH® Scratch Cover for Light Woods.

Available in: 8 oz. for Dark Woods and 8 oz. for Light & Medium Woods

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